Wine Tasting in Your Home


Our team at La Petite Cave can help you with the following things:

  • A personalized wine tasting organized in your home, for you and your guests;

  • Helping you choose the perfect wines to pair with a menu you would like to prepare;

  • Help in finding specific wines you are looking for;

  • Advice on how to organize your wine cellar, which years to buy and which to avoid, how long to age a certain wine, how to serve your old vintages etc….

  • Any other demand you may have concerning wine and spirits

Sommelier Advice

Need help in organizing/planning your future cocktail or birthday party? You need advice on which wines to serve in agreement with the season, food etc? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Private Cellar Expertise

You want to build an authentic cellar in your home, we can help you obtain the best « cellaring » conditions possible for your wines, as well as guide you on what wines to buy and when to drink them at their best potential.